Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of God's most wonderful works...YOU.

It looks like it's time for another modesty post. I seriously don't know why wanting to cover your body should be such a hotly debated topic, I mean, honestly, people. Babies are dying, and starving, and people are being murdered and abused and you want to yell about why my skirts are long, why I don't cut my hair often, why I wear three tops almost at all times, and why it matters. Fine. We'll talk about it, it IS important, it DOES need to be talked about, I just don't know why it ticks people off, I can think of about 5,000 things that tick me off , and modest people are not one of them. 

It all started when someone posted this picture with a comment about how horrible it is for people to want their daughters and wives to dress modestly. 

Toward the bottom of this post I talk about the churches/families that DO encourage this kind of dress for those reasons, and I state very clearly that I disagree with them. I also talk about taking it too far. So, there, don't even bring it up, I've covered it. Moving on. 

The picture here doesn't match the comment. I see two girls between the ages of 11-14, and a mom enjoying some time together. I don't see how it's "shapeless, sexless, adolescents" I think they all look appropriately dressed for their ages. Mom has a classic "mom sweater", and I would assume khakis on, it looks feminine, not sexless, and I can see her shape, without it being too baggy or too tight. Ditto on the girls, they look appropriately dressed to me, for their ages. Not too tight, not too loose, feminine, pretty, and yes *gasp* modest. 

To me this should say; "Modesty: You're doing it right" but, apparently I am a horrible, oppressive person that values people over clothing. I know, I know, worst role model EVER. You can stone me at the gates later. 

This idea that we dress this way to avoid rape is just ludicrous. Here you can read about my original shift in thought on this,  note that it has nothing to do with men. As I've continued in my modest journey, I have developed a deeper understanding of why I dress as I do. 

This started a debate with this person, they kept saying that the only reason "we" encourage modest dress is to teach young women to hate their bodies, and for fear of being raped, and that "we" think anyone dressed differently is a slut. Ummmm, no. 

"I dress this way because I love me. I love my body, it's unique, it's beautiful, it's special, and it's mine! When you have something special, precious, unique and sacred you take care of it, you love it, you cherish it. That's why I dress modestly, because I'm worth it. I don't dress frumpy or shapeless, I just cover what I have! I don't care if she's butt naked, no one has the right to force themselves upon a woman, EVER." 

That was part of one my replies (I have actually used that in two debates now) if you've read this letter, or this one you should know I don't hate women or want them to hate themselves. Duh. I just don't even understand how covering and cherishing yourself or your daughters could EVER be seen as hate. I feel like a goof for even having to post this. 

Anyone who rapes someone is at fault. PERIOD. Not the woman, not her skirt, not society, not drugs, not alcohol, not his mommy/daddy issues, HIM. Got it? I don't cover up for fear of abuse, I cover myself because I am awesome. My body is awesome. GOD MADE ME! Do you not get that? I am a work of art and only certain people (my husband) should be able to see the wonder that God made when He created me. 

YOU are a work of art too. God made you too! He loves you, He breathed life into YOU. YOU are a masterpiece of the First and Greatest Artist ever known. YOU are so spectacular and one of a kind that, yes, it should be "private viewings only" from the same person for the rest of your life. THAT is how precious your body is. 

Every roll, every dimple, every freckle, every stretch mark, every scar, every single inch of you is perfect, special and awesome. 

That, folks is why I dress modestly. I'm a narcissist. I know I'm worth it, because of who created me. I may not be the most attractive woman on the planet, but you know what? Don't tell my husband that, because he won't believe you. And YOU deserve someone who thinks that about you too, and you deserve to feel that way about yourself. 

This isn't hate, this is love. Love yourself, honor God with your adornments, thank God with your clothes for the awesome body He made you. Cover your body to remind your husband of his VIP access, his private showings to one of  God's most wonderful works...YOU.

Frumpy? Shapeless? Sexless? Oh well. 


  1. Love this post!
    I dress modest, but guess what? I am not sexless, I wear pink and purple and all kinds of bright feminine colors. I am not shapeless, I like nicely tailored clothes that flatter my shape. And I'm not frumpy, (usually lol)
    Dressing modest is the most feminine thing in the world. :)

    1. Thank you! I agree, modesty is absolutely gorgeous. It gives you a chance to shine from the inside out!

  2. I find what this poster says to be quite offensive that they would imply that men act like decent human beings while excluding women from the equation. While using the words like sexless and shapeless in the same sentence with adolescents. What is this supposed to mean? That if ladies look sexy that men are not decent? What this poster is saying is quite unkind and disrespectful.

  3. When ladies let men sexually force themselves on them they have listened to devils and are at fault. It goes both ways.

    1. Well, it's physically impossible to allow someone to force you to do something. To force someone is to not give them a choice. You don't allow them. A rape victim is NEVER at fault.


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