Monday, November 12, 2012

My love letter to all women.

I actually wrote this as a "note" on Facebook over a year ago, but have been thinking about putting it here for some time, so I finally decided I would.

I'm sitting here, on Facebook, avoiding finishing the dishes, browsing around and noticing something pretty scary. Tons, and I mean tons, not just one or two or five, but a whole bunch of beautiful young women-all of them so incredibly amazing people in their own rights-allowing themselves to be treated craptastically by little boys not even worthy of a glance from these amazing women, and I can't help but ask myself why on earth would anyone allow themselves to be treated this way? Why would anyone treat another person this way to begin with?

My heart hurts for all of you, and know that not a single one of you deserve to be treated in the ways that you have. You don't have to put up with boys who behave in those ways, real MEN still exist. I know it feels like just because they aren't here today, or because they all seemed so different, that they don't exist, but trust me, they do. There is a man out there who will love you and care about you, and treat you like you deserve. A man who will talk to you about what's wrong, not switch his relationship status to single with out a word. A man who will love you and your children, not just give you false promises, and then walk out. A man who would never raise a hand to you in anger. A man who would rather spend an evening watching chick flicks, and looking up at the stars than having sex with you, not because he doesn't want to have sex with you, but because he cares about you, himself, and your relationship enough not to throw it away. A man who will only tell you how beautiful, smart, and funny you are, a man who would never even think that you were ugly, stupid, or lazy, and especially wouldn't say it to you, no matter how angry he was. A man who will listen, and talk a situation out with you, not some one who will blow up and yell and not give your side a chance. A man who deserves you.

You all deserve that, each and everyone of you. Please stop settling, stop dealing, stop trying to change them, stop trying to make them love you by being some over sexed up Hollywood fantasy. Start being you. Hold out for someone worthwhile. Respect yourself, and your body enough to BE worth their while. Stop sleeping with every man who calls you beautiful and waits two weeks to have sex with you, and then dumps you, or cheats on you. Stop taking back men who have cheated on you, called you names and treated you like crap. Start respecting yourselves, start saving more of yourselves. Every man you sleep with has a part of you, you've given that to him, you will never be able to get those parts back. How many of those parts do you want to be left when a real man does come along? How many do you hope he has left to share with you?

I know I've gotten a little corny and speechy here, but it's what's on my heart tonight. I sincerely care about each and every one of you I just hope and pray that you beautiful women finally start seeing your worth, start seeing how amazing you are, and how much you deserve.


I thought that it may ((hopefully)) do some good on a larger scale than just my private Facebook page.

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