Sunday, April 21, 2013


I can be kind of a whiner, I know this. I've written several posts about all of the negative reactions to my conversion, and have been so wrapped up in all the hate that people have spewing my direction that I have forgotten to slow down and appreciate all of the positive people, and all of the support. So, today I am taking a moment to slow it down and count my blessings.

While, yes, I have had lots of negative reactions, I have also had many positive reactions. After I posted "I'm Sorry"  I recieved ten e-mails, TEN, TEN I couldn't even believe it, that night I had person after person reaching out to me, many I hadn't talked to in YEARS. It made me cry. So many people just dropping me a line to let me know they still loved me, and were thinking about me, and were sorry about what I was going through. It was so humbling, so beautiful, and such a reminder that I am loved and I do have people in my corner! If that was you, if you reached out to me and reminded me you are here for me, THANK YOU!!! I mean that, from the depths of my heart, you touched me and I won't forget it.

I have also received many phone calls, text messages, and people coming up to me in the store, or on a walk to let me know that they love me and still support me too. I have had support from some family, clergy, store clerks (at Catholic stores) and even many strangers on here. For every negative reaction, I have had a positive one, they were just so spread out that I failed to recognize it at first! If any of those people were you, THANK YOU!!! 

I am so immensely blessed. I really do forget to slow down and appreciate it. To all of those that have supported me, lifted me up, prayed for me, and loved me through all of this, thank you, I love you, too! You are the ones that have gotten me through this. You have no idea, I have had some awful days and then I get an e-mail or call or text, or run into one of you, and you give me the encouragement and the strength to move forward!

It's so amazing that God always provides! To all of you that allowed Him to work through you, I can't thank you enough. It means the world to me!

Keep praying for me. I still need it. I can't promise I'll be able to keep my blessings in check every day, and let the bad stuff get me down again, but I can tell you that all of your prayers and support have held me up throughout this painful process.


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