Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am intolerant.

As a crazy, pro-life Christian I get branded with a lot of labels, including, but not limited to: intolerant, close minded, bigoted, narrow minded, ignorant, brain washed, naive,  etc. I get told all the time "I hope your kids...." implying that I am an intolerant jerk face and will stop loving my child if they, whatever the blank may be. I, and most Christians I know are quick to assure the person that we will love and tolerate our children "no matter what" but that's just not true. I'm sorry if this makes me an intolerant jerk face, but I simply will not tolerate my child(ren) becoming any of the following:

  1. Serial Killers
  2. Rapists
  3. Terrorists
  4. Murders
  5. Gang Members (including pirates [real ones, not Disney ones, Disneyland is a fine place to work] the mafia, and any other such organized crime)
  6. Serial Arsonists
  7. Suicide Bombers
  8. Bank Robbers
  9. Jewel Thieves
  10. Kidnappers 
That's right folks, ten things I will absolutely not tolerate my children choosing to do. I'll still love them. But, those ten things, I will absolutely NOT tolerate. I would probably cut contact with them for a time, and spend months on end praying and fasting if they took any of those paths in life. 

Sorry, but that's the truth. If that makes me an intolerant jerk face, then it does. If that makes me a mom with "conditions" then it does. If that makes me someone that smothers her children's chance at free will, then it does!

I'm not perfect people. I have my limits. I would be completely tolerant (not necessarily happy, but loving and tolerant) if they chose just about anything else for themselves. 

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