Thursday, September 13, 2012

An upcoming anniversary, and some engagement pictures.

Next week is our wedding anniversary! So, I'm not usually a sappy person...okay, I am totally a sappy person that wants to think she's not. Anyway, it just makes me happy to sit back and look at how far we've come, and how far we have yet to go. I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot, in anticipation of our anniversary, and if I remember I'll share some favorites from the wedding next week.

For our engagement pictures we went back to the spot he proposed, and pretty much just goofed off all day while she snapped pictures, we did very little posing, and it was very relaxed. It was so much fun, we laughed, danced, and even had a grass fight! Here are a few of my favorites! I had an awful time narrowing them down!

Here we are in the exact spot he proposed to me-he proposed on my birthday, after a wonderful picnic he packed, and a long walk to the "perfect" spot!

I look all sweet and blissful, and I still feel that way!

I love this one, it's like you can just feel the love from it...or maybe that's just me?

Dancing, randomly, in the middle of a field of grass, we still do this, in the kitchen...the living room...the backyard...on the way home from the fair, in the street.....

After the spin, these make us look far more coordinated than we actually are...

Some of the goofing off I was referring to (he didn't actually lick my eye)

His turn to look blissful!

Grass fight!

I love this one too! I feel comforted and loved with him. 

walking hand in hand...

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