Monday, August 5, 2013

Musings on Memes-Part 1 ((Pro-Abortion))

I love memes, mostly I love religious memes, they make me giggle. However, there are many memes that make me want to beat my head against the wall. I have been known to comment on said memes and tick people the heck off, I think it's very important that when someone is spreading falsities about our faith that we defend it, Matthew 10:32-34. Sure, you may not be outright denying Him, but by ignoring the blasphemy you may as well be. You're saying; "God, you aren't worth my time to defend." and "I love you, but I value my sort-of-friend-that-I-haven't-seen-in-ten-years over you." So, um, what happens when it's your turn, and He says; "Oh, my child, I'm sorry, but it's just not worth my time to fight for you, I may lose some followers."? You don't need to be a jerk about it, and you don't need to harass people and comment on every single one, but you need to be defending Him, and speaking out against the things that the Bible clearly warns against.

I also know that I tend to irritate my friends, and I don't want to do that, I love my friends. Some of them are more comfortable engaging with me than others, so I do try to watch how many debates I get into on any one page, and this doesn't mean I'll completely stop on Facebook, but I will bring more of them here, instead.

Because of all of this, I have decided to start a little blog series here called, "Musings on Memes" I have been gathering up all the memes that make me cringe, and every...well, I don't know how often, we'll aim for once a week, but my life is insane right now, so no promises, I will post a meme, or a grouping of memes that basically all say the same thing, and give you my commentary on the meme(s). I will try to be short and to the point, just like if I were commenting on it on Facebook.

I thought this way I could keep the debating here, and off of Facebook, and I leave the option to comment anonymously open, and you are welcome to take advantage of that. Also, I won't post anything from Facebook unless 3 or more people on my friend list have posted it, I don't want to single anyone out, that's not the point of this. So if you have an issue with something I post, and what to debate it, here would be the place to do so, but civilly, any name calling and profanity will be deleted.

So, let's just get straight to it, shall we?

We're going to start with a couple of very basic ones, due to all of the added commentary at the beginning:

"Anti-choice" then cannot be used as a synonym for "pro-life" and it almost always is used as one, even in liberal articles. See, I'm all for choices, you have the choice to place for adoption, parent, abstain, practice NFP, or eat cake. What you shouldn't have the choice to do is determine whether or not someone else is worthy of life. I'm fine with being "anti-choice" if that means that I'm anti-your right to choose to murder someone. If you are saying you're "pro-choice" what are you saying that you're pro-choosing? Well, generally: adoption, parenting, abortion, birth control, abstinence, NFP, and I'm sure cake, I mean I know some people are anti-cake, those people are not to be trusted, they are almost as untrustworthy as those that are anti-bacon, almost. By this, you are stating that you are pro-adoption, pro-parenting, and yes, pro-abortion. So, um, yeah, totally and completely pro-abortion, sorry Charlie, it is what it is.

Besides, if abortion is a fine, and valid choice, and there is nothing wrong with abortion, then why wouldn't you want to admit to being pro-abortion? It seems to me you're ashamed of your own stand on the issue. Hey, I'm just saying, if you're going to support something, support it. Wear it with honor, be proud that you're doing what you think is right, and if you aren't proud to wear that title, you may want to really re-think why you claim to support something you don't want to be associated with.

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