Sunday, April 14, 2013

God and Sweaters

I am domestically challenged. It's true, I love my husband dearly, and I try really hard, but the truth is, my tables are sticky, my book shelves are crammed full, my shelves are dusty, my floors always need swept, I always have baskets of clothes that need folded and put away, my dishes have water spots, my refrigerator is never cleaned out, I don't bake, and I drop or ruin something at least bi-weekly. And, I don't even have kids of my own! I try to be a good housekeeper, I really do, but I am just not wired that way, too much ingrained feminism.   Or maybe it's just me, and being all domestic and Martha like is simply not one of my talents. Today, I ruined a sweater. A brand new sweater. A sweater that I got to wear once, it was so pretty, and looked so good on me, and I ruined it. I don't get new things often (I have a terrible time justifying them) so, I'm really pretty bummed about it. It's through no fault but my own, I didn't read the tag, if I had, I would have seen that it said "Hand Wash, Lay Flat To Dry." I didn't read the tag, I didn't take the time to...honestly, even if I had, I still would have ruined it...I am also impatient, on top of being domestically challenged...I'm sure you're left wondering what talents and gifts I DO have, too. So, I wouldn't have taken the time to hand wash the salsa that I spilled on it, the only time I wore it (I'm also clumsy) out of it, anyway. If I had, if I had followed the instructions, if I had bothered to read them, I would still have a cute sweater that looked good over the pretty purple shirt that I never wear because it's a bit too tight. I would have a sweater and not this:

As I was staring at my sweater in dismay, chastising myself for doing this AGAIN it hit me that my silly little unraveling sweater was so very representative of our lives. In life when we fail to read the care label, when we fail to follow the clearly printed instructions, our lives start to slowly unravel in the washing machine of life.  When we stop caring for and taking time to consider our spouses our marriages start to unravel.  When we stop doing our best at our jobs, they start to unravel. When we stop reading our Bibles and spending time in prayer, our faith lives start to unravel. 

How easy is it to ignore the instructions and go it alone? I never read care labels, and I only ruin about one piece of clothing a year...pretty decent odds when you're me. I grow complacent, I think "ah, I've done it before and nothing happened" or "I've followed the instructions so long and nothing has happened" We get in an attitude of it can't happen to me. We forget that life is fragile. Our faith lives take care and following instructions, our marriages take care and effort. 

I am so guilty. I go so long doing awesome, reading my Bible daily, spending good, quality time with God. When I do those things I am a pretty decent human being to be around. I cook good meals for my husband, I am sweet to the daycare kids, my house is a little cleaner, I'm happier, and more pleasant, the light of Christ is shining through me! For months I'll be at the top of my faith game...and then ONE day I'll forget to read the instructions. I'll skip my daily Bible reading...and then I'll skip some prayers...and then I won't make dinner...and then I'm a little grumpy...and whiny...and then I'm mad at God because nothing is going right.

My life starts to unravel. It starts unraveling because I didn't take the time. I didn't slow down and read the instructions. I chose not to follow the instructions. I had done so awesome for so long, one time isn't going to hurt. I failed to follow the instructions given to me, and my life started to unravel. It starts with one day, and then it's two...and then I've been a grump with a messy house, a hungry husband, a ruined sweater, an empty prayer life, and no Scripture for a month.

It's easy to unravel. It's easy to grow complacent. It's easy to miss a day. It's easy to think it couldn't happen to you. 

But, the amazing thing about God and sweaters? They forgive! God forgives you, you're still His child. You can get back on track. When you've fallen down He'll lift you up, He'll guide you back to the instructions He gave you. He'll show you what you need to do to mend your unraveling life. And with a lot of patience, some time, a few needle pokes, and a little focus, sweaters can be mended too: 

*jazz hands* The sweater is fixed!

Every time our lives start to unravel we need to look to the Instructions, and follow them. We need to make an effort to keep them from falling apart again. We need to make sure to follow the label exactly, and do as it tells us. Otherwise we'll always be mending sweaters, and begging forgiveness. 

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  1. Excellent. :)

    ps.. I ruin sweaters, melt crockpots, and break a plate a month. I feel it makes us more human and approachable. ;)



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