Friday, July 20, 2012

I don't support-but I love.

I am aware that this will be a controversial post, but I feel I should post it anyway. With the recent controversy over Chick-fil-A's comments on gay marriage as well as the general controversy over the subject, I keep seeing the issue being brought up, and almost every time I see the assumption that just because you say that you are against something means that you hate people that are a certain way or support something, obviously in this case it would be that if you are against gay marriage, then you hate gay people. That is simply not true. I love EVERYONE, I may not agree with everything they do, but I still love them. I figure it is my job to love everyone, and God's job to judge them.

  • I don't support abortion-but I love people that have had them. 
  • I don't support illegal drug use-but I love people that are/have been addicted to them
  • I don't support excessive alcohol use-but I love people that drink in excess, are addicted, or are recovering. 
  • I don't support smoking-but I love people that smoke/have smoked.
  • I don't support birth control-but I love people that use it.
  • I don't support the use of disposable diapers-but I love people that use them, I change them daily, and I love the wee ones that wear them.
  • I don't support cursing-but I love people that do, and I do sometimes. 

Just because you don't support a choice, a way of life, a product, a way of thinking, or how someone is/was born, doesn't mean you hate the person.

  • I HATE cancer-but I love and support people that have it. 
And, of course:
  • I don't support gay marriage-but I love gay people. 
The list could go on and on, just understand that my main point is that just because someone doesn't support or believe in something doesn't mean they don't love or believe in people that do.


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