Monday, March 25, 2013

A God-Sized Hole

We are a society that demands respect, but refuses to give it. Have you ever noticed that? We say; "Respect everyone's point of view, and religion" yet we mock Christians tirelessly, constantly try to poke holes in Christianity and demean Christ, stating that it's okay because it's the most widespread religion in the U.S. We yell about respecting everyone as equal and then we constantly harass and mock fat people. We say that men and women are equal and deserving of equal treatment and respect, and then we bash men and make them to look like ignorant fools. We say; "everyone matters" and then choose to ignore, and even endorse  millions of babies slaughtered in the womb, and millions of people sold into slavery.

These are just a few examples. We are a society that demands everyone respects us, but refuse to return that respect. We single out groups that we deem unworthy of our respect, and exempt them from this love everyone, treat everyone well mentality that we have. We walk on eggshells not to offend certain groups, and then loudly and openly bash others. It's such a double standard and it's sickening. I believe it has a lot to do with how much our society encourages to fully embrace our selfish human nature. Everything we see is about you, you, you. How to improve YOUR life, how to get YOU what you want, how to make YOU feel better. And, if anything in your life isn't making YOU happy, then you should get rid of it, and find something else that makes you happy, because seriously, your happiness is all that matters in life. Everything in our society is disposable, and made for our convenience. Cars, phones, clothes, appliances, computers, and even people are disposable, replaceable, and only here to serve us, our needs, and our feelings.

Yes, we're even okay with disposing of people in our society. Pregnancy not under the ideal circumstances, with the right guy, the right gender, may have a disease? Murder them, it's legal, it's a choice whether or not YOU allow other people to live. The purpose of existence is to fulfill your every need and desire after all  and if a baby isn't going to make you happy today, by all means go forth and kill someone to make your life a better place, go on and continue to make yourself happy by doing whatever you choose and not allowing another to live. You get to play God!

Spouse not making you happy? Not serving your every need and every whim, see someone that looks a little better than the one you have, doesn't look as good as he used to, doesn't take the trash out often enough, doesn't tell you how beautiful you are as often as he used to, doesn't have sex with you as much as he used to? That's right, just go ahead and replace them, no big deal, more fish in the sea. If they weren't making you as happy as you think you need to be, then go ahead and find a new one, until you realize they are human too, and then replace them as well.

We have these big, gaping holes in our lives-God sized holes-and the belief that we can fill them with anything besides God. We are always desperately searching for a way to fill the voids in our lives, to heal ourselves by demanding that people treat us with respect, and lift us up constantly, that doesn't work, so we seek it out in our things. Our culture makes it so easy for us, we have something for every need, and desire. No matter how ridiculous or perverted. We make vacuum cleaners for our EARS for crying out loud! We have thousands of diets, tanning solutions, make ups, hair dyes and clothing styles. If one thing doesn't make you happy, maybe something else will. We shy away from having open, honest discussions with our children about sex and their bodies, and then thrust them into a culture where sex is a billion dollar industry, where we sell thongs to children, and Victoria Secret markets to eleven year old children. And then we wonder why our teen pregnancy rates and abortion rates are so high. We talk about absolutely everything, but avoid talking about God, or abortion, or teens having sex so we don't step on any toes.

Well, I think it's high time that we start stepping on some toes. The society we live in is out of control. People murdering their children to feel happy, people starving themselves to feel happy, people throwing away marriages and families to feel happy. It's time we talk about the elephant(s) in the room instead of trying to shove them into the hole too, hoping they will fill it up. They won't. Only one "thing" is capable of filling a hole that large, that sore, that wounded, and that is God. With all of the stuff of today, all of the distractions of today, God is the one thing that is sorely lacking, or severely distorted and perverted when He is included. If you're around me often you've probably heard me answer many questions with three simple words; "God sized hole" I see so much sadness, and so much trying to cope by using anything but God. It's not going to work.

That's why some of the richest, most well known, well loved people in our country turn to drug addiction, alcohol, abuse, wild clothing, crazy antics,and Scientology. They have big, gaping, God sized holes in their hearts. God is the only thing large enough, and capable of filling such a void. Have you ever noticed the celebrities that are in the media most often are those that refuse to ever claim Christ, claim things like Scientology, or claim Christ, and then blaspheme Him moments later?  You rarely see people like Tim Tebow, Kirk Cameron, Chuck Norris, or Jason Castro in the news for doing crazy things like getting drunk and slandering Jews...maybe for crazy things like opposing abortion, but hey, crazy is relative. That's the difference in someone that truly has Christ in their life, and someone who doesn't. People that don't have Christ spend all of this time trying and grasping at straws to fill that hole, once you accept Him, suddenly a place you didn't know was empty is full. Suddenly you don't need drugs, alcohol, parties, more money than you know what to do with, approval from random people on the street, and the millions of other things society tells us we need.

Suddenly, you are transformed. Suddenly you realize that everything you have, everyone you have, every moment you have is an amazing gift, a wonderful blessing, and you love it and appreciate it like nothing you have ever felt before. You go from the cup feeling empty and never being filled to your cup running over and not being able to stop it. That's what our society is missing, what we are missing. We are seeking the wrong things in the wrong places. We are seeking approval  respect, and happiness from the wrong people, and the wrong things. We can only truly have those things if we truly have Christ in our lives, and allow Him to shine brightly through us. In our society we have a feigned love of Him, a love that says we can have Him on our terms, if it makes us happy. We need to realize that it's not about what makes us happy, and it's not on our terms. Once we stop living for ourselves, and start living for Him, we'll be living a whole lot better!

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